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about us

Virtuprove enables the digital transformation of Real Estate, with the help of Virtual/Augmented reality and building data. Our mission is to streamline the transition to sustainable buildings for everyone, everywhere. By combining architectural, engineering and construction knowledge with the right data, we ensure a more efficient and sustainable process. We believe you can contribute to the shift of the building and construction sectors into the future, thanks to a digital documentation of both the construction and maintenance of your property.

our customers

Whether you own, design, manage or sell real estate; VirtuProve is the next step to discovering the untapped potential of a  property and streamline the redevelopment of the space. Our customers range from real estate developers, architects, surveyors, contractors, engineers etc.; to private owners and interior designers in need for a detailed digital visualization of the property.

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Technological developments help us create new value, reduce waste and maximize efficiency. With the latest digital innovations, VirtuProve increases the comfort of current and future residents of the property.


Thanks to BIM technology, we provide a clear communication tool that centralizes all information about your property. This way all parties involved are on the same page, improving project coordination and productivity.


We believe in a future where everyone has access to the benefits and opportunities created by BIM technology, to better maintain and renovate properties where we feel at home.


Virtuprove lays the foundation for a more sustainable use of our used resources. Helping every home to have its own roadmap towards a more sustainable and energy neutral use, creating less waste in the construction and real estate sector.

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